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iStock_000032694632_Full_450pxConfidence and self esteem are the most influential elements in finding success in your life whether that means getting the career you want or finding love and happiness. It doesn’t matter how well you did in your exams unless you can identify and communicate with confidence, your strengths and skills.  It doesn’t matter how nice you are, if you cannot reach out to others and introduce yourself.  Being confident is about being comfortable with yourself and has nothing to do with arrogance.  When we are confident we can accept praise as a gift, talk openly to others, and show the world what we have to offer.

We were all born confident and it is usually some event or comment from others that have caused us to doubt ourselves as we developed.  However we all have the capacity to be confident !

If you have low self-confidence and self-esteem, that means you don’t believe you are as valuable or as skilled as you actually are. This kind of thinking is harmful as it can lead to inertia, anxiety, stress and depression.

The good news is there are a lot of techniques and tips that you can learn to build your confidence and self-esteem from the inside out. We would begin by helping you understand your thinking style and to challenge the negative beliefs you have about yourself. We would then work together on exercises and techniques to develop your inner confidence and enable you to truly value yourself.

As we work together to build your confidence you will notice positive changes in your life. My clients learn to step out of their comfort zone and do things they never thought they would.  They trust themselves rather than listening to and trying to please others.  They identify their criteria for success and do not compare themselves to others.  They understand their values and strengths and use these in order to make decisions.  They ditch negative self limiting beliefs and rules.  They feel excited about trying new things and don’t worry about how proficient they will be.  They enjoy their lives rather than worrying about what they need to do and they feel relaxed and positive.  Most importantly they celebrate their skills and achievements and accept their imperfections.

What is Confidence Coaching?

Coaching is a confidential process designed to help you build self acceptance and resilience. The focus is on challenging limiting beliefs, building your confidence and motivating you to develop your own inner resources.  You will receive the support and guidance you need in order to achieve change.  You will feel empowered and able to be the person you have always wanted to be as limiting beliefs are left behind.

As we identify your goals and work towards them, you will feel a sense of purpose, growing self-esteem and confidence. This process involves changing your thinking and behaviours, but with a new enlightenment this will feel exciting and enjoyable.  Sessions are delivered by face to face sessions, telephone sessions or Skype.

The number of sessions you have depends on how much work is required.  If you want to tackle something specifically e.g. public speaking nerves (or something similar) but otherwise are fairly confident, I would suggest Package A.  However, if confidence affects most areas in your life, I would suggest Package B.

  • Package A (4 Sessions): £320
  • Package B (8 sessions): £600
  • Individual sessions: £90

Payment is by bank transfer, Paypal, cheque or cash.

Please note a 50% charge will be made for sessions cancelled without 48 hours prior notice.





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