iStock_000061283960_FullFirstly, it is important to note that the phenomenon of hypnosis is in fact a natural state of mind. This means that virtually every person has the natural capacity for response to hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply a natural state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation, along with a heightened state of awareness. When experiencing Hypnosis the unconscious mind becomes more aware of and more receptive to inner emotions and issues together with positive thoughts, ideas and concepts.

The important issue to remember here is that Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique which aids the client to harness their own willpower and at all times the client is in full control. Indeed Therapist and Client work together to bring about the client’s desired outcome. It is the therapist’s role to create the conditions and resources for this desired change. As your therapist, its my job to ensure that you feel safe and secure and will guide and support you throughout the whole experience.

The change of consciousness brought about by hypnotherapy is extremely comfortable and relaxing, and is experienced naturally by everyone in their daily lives. Everyone has experienced this trance like state, (although they may not have realised it) when daydreaming, or even reading and driving. Have you ever driven to a familiar destination and realised you can’t remember any of the journey? Or have you ever been so caught up in a TV programme, a book, or a film and discover you have lost track of time?

Hypnotherapy is a very useful tool in the treatment of a large number of physical and emotional conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of clients who are willing to be hypnotised, can be hypnotised. However, this can only be done with the clients co-operation.

Absolutely! Hypnotherapy is simply not possible without willing participation by the client. Forget all those stage hypnosis programmes you have seen, they are merely entertainment. You cannot be made to behave in any way against your will.

Sessions normally last around an hour.

This depends on the treatment you require but usually it is between one and six sessions, although this is normally discussed at your initial consultation. You are not committed to a set number of sessions.

Hypnosis is not a cure! Hypnosis is a technique which can help you to harness your own mind and inner resources to give you the strength and focus to tackle a number of issues. Hypnosis is a technique which can help you to alter your behaviour or habits. Hypnosis is very effective in the treatment of phobias, confidence building and many other psychological and physical issues.