Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a form of Psychotherapy which helps the client to understand the links between negative thoughts processes and feelings. CBT is often the approach used for symptoms of anxiety and depression and is extremely effective. It works by helping the client to understand how their thinking patterns influence their moods and how this can cause these low moods, stress and anxiety. The client learns strategies to manage their thoughts and feelings and enables them to take back control.

We are all capable of irrational thoughts and this can cause us to catastrophise or place unrealistic expectations upon ourselves and others which can affect our mental health or wellbeing. If we focus on what we have not achieved, it doesn’t take long before this begins to affect our mood and creates worries about failing personally or professionally.

CBT helps the client to think more realistically and to feel more in control. The process offers strategies to break issues down into manageable parts so that they can be tackled more easily and cause less distress. Balancing your thinking patterns also helps you to be more positive and to build your confidence and resilience.

CBT deals with issues in the `here and now’ and does not focus on events from the past. It offers logical and practical strategies to manage the difficulties you are facing and will teach you valuable skills that you can continue to use in the future. The focus is on the individual’s capacity to understand and change themselves and their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to improve their wellbeing.