Telephone-Consulting-PhotoTelephone counselling provides a convenient way of dealing with many of the issues traditionally carried out through face to face sessions. However, this approach is just as effective and can provide more privacy and the ability to work with a suitable therapist regardless of their location.

Why choose telephone counselling?

Telephone counselling offers the client an opportunity to work with a suitably qualified counsellor in a confidential manner regardless of their location which can broaden their choices.  Clients who have busy lives, live in remote areas, have a disability, travel difficulties or caring responsibilities can find this approach really helpful. Sometimes clients feel unable to talk face to face about an embarrassing or traumatic issue and this provides a safe haven for them to do so. As a trained telephone counsellor I am able to ensure that therapy proceeds at a safe pace and I provide a supportive space to understand thoughts and process feelings.

So what is telephone counselling like?

Appointments are arranged beforehand and held on a regular basis for a particular amount of time, usually for around 50 minutes at a time. Payment is made before the session and you will be called at the prearranged appointment time. Calls are normally made by myself to a land line or mobile number and Skype is available if required.

Is telephone counselling for me?

If you are considering having telephone counselling you need to ensure that you have the time and privacy to talk for around an hour on the telephone without interruption and without others being able to hear you. Sometimes this is difficult to achieve.  It is important that both therapist and client give each other their full attention for the hour so that our best outcomes can be achieved in that time.

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